Realising the importance of a service role increases motivation and performance and improves customer relationships

1 day in-company workshop

Classroom or Virtual Training

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Course Content

  • Understand the developing role of the modern Service Engineer – understand the importance of the role in the growth of the company
  • Recognise and create opportunities – how to contribute and provide the company with a competitive edge
  • Build customer loyalty and rapport – how applying a little extra effort in a service call can have a positive effect on the sales effort
  • Develop Personal Communication Skills
  • Understand customer behaviour and adapt their style to suit
  • Improve Teamwork and Quality Service
  • Handle complaints and deal with difficulties more assertively
  • Believe that they are valued professionals with a key role in their company’s success

Course Overview

This workshop is designed to inspire Service Engineers to realise the importance of their contribution to the business, give them a sense of purpose and encourage them to see themselves, directly or indirectly, as a key player in the success of your business. It will develop further their customer service skills and develop their potential as company ambassadors.

It has been said that the Salesperson promises wonderful things that will happen tomorrow, while the Engineer deals with terrible things that went wrong yesterday, this leads to demotivation, erosion of social skills and eventually to apathy as the only form of self-defence. This workshop will show engineers how to communicate more confidently and effectively, handle complaints and deal with difficult situations assertively, whilst building positive customer relationships and delivering excellent Customer Service.

Role-plays and exercises are used throughout to enable delegates to practice their new skills.

For a follow-up programme, see The Service Engineer As A Company Ambassador Part 2

“The training was excellent, and feedback from the team was very positive. We had a customised course blending ‘the customer service team as company ambassadors’ and ‘assertiveness training’ with a touch of ‘working as a team’. The morning for most was a refresher but the afternoon assertiveness training in particular was really helpful and really well received. Individual assertiveness scores from the assertiveness questionnaire revealed that all bar one of the team scored lower than they expected on assertiveness. They now have some techniques to work with to build this and really grasped the need to build the whole team’s assertiveness and a stronger outward impression within the company.”

A Bartlett, Waters UK Ltd

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