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Whether an aspiring, new or experienced seasoned manager, our management and leadership training courses equip individuals with the skills to influence decision-making, create efficient processes, delegate, motivate, develop and empower their teams to achieve and be their best. 

Advanced communication skills give managers greater confidence and assertiveness to approach challenging situations and enable them to recognise and adapt their style to others leading to higher employee engagement and better team performance. Learning to give and receive feedback through coaching, mentoring and self-reflection not only develops the individual themselves but also their team long term.

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How Our Process Works

  1. Give us a call on 01438 718071 or visit our contact page. One of our account managers will contact you shortly, to arrange a telephone call or teams meeting at your earliest convenience.  We are also happy to come out for face to face meetings to understand more about your business, people and training needs to enable us to write a tailored proposal for your consideration.
  2. We will then design and send you a tailored proposal to meet your training objectives.
  3. Following agreement to go ahead, our trainer and account manager will have a briefing call/meeting with you to learn more about the business and people including learning about existing approach, internal processes, terminology, KPI’s and challenges in addition to example scenarios from which we can then write and develop a tailored training workshop. Our admin team then coordinate the delivery of all workshop materials ahead of the training.
  4. After the training, a detailed feedback report is presented incorporating the feedback from the delegates who attended the training to enable this to be linked in internal support to apply the learning and to personal development reviews to ensure the learning becomes part of everyday approach in the business.
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6 Reasons Why Our Clients Develop Their Managers With Us

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    Our training team have had extensive successful Management careers themselves and draw on stories and examples of what does and doesn’t work to support learning and implementation.  Through working across a vast range of industries and types of business we continually learn and apply best practise skill development to all of our training.

  2. 02

    We listen carefully to your training needs and objectives, challenges and goals, asking questions to clarify our understanding before making recommendations to ensure that the right Management Skills workshop is designed to meet your needs.  We draw on our vast experience to address your business challenges, for example, in developing an understanding of core management principles and frameworks for communicating more effectively, stepping up from peer to manager, addressing poor performance or developing high performing teams. Training content is then designed and tailored to support your company’s strategy, terminology and internal processes rather than an ‘off the shelf’ workshop.

  3. 03

    All of our workshops are run on an in-company basis either face to face or virtually, enabling the training to work for your business and people to maximise time, availability and logistics.    We regularly work across time zones on virtual global projects requiring training to be run in the early hours of the day for delegates across the world to enable busy time periods being uninterrupted.  We work flexibly to meet your needs.

  4. 04

    Our workshops can be designed and run at multiple levels; as part of succession planning for the business for aspiring managers through to refresher for seasoned managers to share new approaches and energise fresh ways of working to demonstrate high standards for others to follow and lead by example.

  5. 05

    We consistently get the results you want which is why 97% of customers keep on working with and booking courses with us. We use practical, fun, interactive learning techniques to engage, inspire and build confidence, engaging delegates to apply their learning immediately back in the workplace for maximum success.

  6. 06

    Your people are your greatest asset and investing in their management development to give them increased skills and confidence will reap rewards for your business, their teams productivity and personal growth, resulting in a happier, more stable workforce with greater morale.

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What our clients say about us

“Very friendly, approachable and explains how tools can be used in our day-to-day business creating a sense of reality.”

“Very much enjoyed course, will take a lot away to work on in home & work life.”

“Really useful and beneficial training that was very clearly explained with good examples. It was pitched at exactly the right level and the trainer encouraged open communication from all of us.”

“A great, well composed and presented course, Steve is excellent and clearly incredibly knowledgeable and personable.”

“Maria was a superb trainer, kept us engaged, and kept it fun. Excellent rapport built, lots of examples given to aid understanding.”

How our management training can make a difference

For aspiring and new managers, management training can help lay the foundation to further their career by learning core management strategies frameworks and skills, helping to move from peer to leader, building new skills and helping with wider succession planning.  For long standing managers, it refreshes and hones leadership expertise with latest best practise and thinking.

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Marcus Bohn Associates offers a wide range of Management Training Programmes for every level of skill and experience to maximise performance with passion and energy, practically applying their learning throughout. Whether a course covering the core Management skills or specifically on one particular element of Management, such as Strategic Decision Making, Change, Coaching or Time Management, we can offer a tailored solution to meet your specific training needs and objectives.

With nearly 50 years of experience in sharing best practise Management Skills and tactics, our courses develop others to promote personal leadership and trust, individual development and boost collaborative working habits for businesses today.

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We have bespoke training courses to meet all your business needs. For more information or to discuss your needs in more detail, call us on 01438 718071 or send us a message.

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