Why choose in-company training?

A greater ability to tailor the training content to your specific business needs, strategy and training objectives enabling delegates to immediately apply learning on return to the workplace

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    More cost effective per head if you have 3 or more people to train and will be more relevant, further minimise additional costs of hiring a venue if you can hold it in a suitable room at your offices

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    Builds stronger and more effective teams or relationships between colleagues

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    Our focus is to understand your people, your business challenges and training objectives before we design and recommend the best solution for you.

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    Support Change – an ideal vehicle to help support or introduce change within your business; either through new processes and approach or enabling individuals to understand and manage the journey they are embarking on

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    Develop Competitive Advantage by improving and increasing professional best practice skills to improve customer satisfaction, client and colleague relationships, internal efficiency and a ‘one business’ approach

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    Motivational, Inspirational and Fun to build internal teams, support and partnerships, improve morale and increase productivity

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    Business Driven delivered by business experts with a passion for training with the end objectives and outputs in mind

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    Highly Interactive and Participative to encourage learning retention and implementation of new best practice skills

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    Worldwide Capacity experienced in training to different countries, cultures and groups across the globe to enable a synchronised message and approach, whilst considering cultural differences

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    First Class Support through our Account Management Team providing support, input, feedback and advice at every stage, as needed.

From initial contact, one of our experienced Account Managers will work closely with you and your business to develop a partnership approach to ensure our recommendations meet and exceed your learning requirements.

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Training approach

With over 45 years of experience in providing world class training and people development, we draw on latest best practices in hand with understanding what works and what doesn’t to make your people more confident and successful.

Working closely with you to design a training solution tailored to your specific needs, business challenges and training objectives and coordinate every aspect of your training, from initial brief, meetings, organising delegate communication, agreeing training venue, timings and developing the training, to post-training follow-up and ongoing support.

From the brief given, we recommend the best trainer to meet your needs based on their areas of expertise, personality and training style, business experience and value they can add to your business. Many clients work with a number of our trainers, each on specific projects due to the value they individually can add to our client’s business rather than a ‘one person fits all’ approach.

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Familiarisation & programme development

Once we understand your training objectives, budget and timescales, we will work with you to create a tailored solution. For some projects this may be an ‘off-the-shelf’ programme with a small amount of customisation or, to the other extreme, a long-term project where we undertake field or office based ‘familiarisation’ to assess and observe existing skill levels of the delegate group, from which we then design a bespoke development programme or workshop incorporating internal processes and terminology.

At all times we work in partnership with you to ensure we meet and surpass your needs and expectations.

Training style

Because we recognise that we all learn differently, MBA’s training style reflects this, ensuring that the way we train and share the content and learning can be followed by everyone, no matter what their own personal learning style is.

The workshops are designed to be delivered in layers of leading-edge theory, exercises, case studies and feedback threaded together to build on each other throughout the workshop, supported by stories and real-life examples of business challenges and latest best practice. This is proven to be the fastest, most effective and efficient way to learn and retain new skills.

Our workshops are challenging, fun and highly interactive, enabling delegates the chance to practice, evaluate and receive feedback. Our trainers deliver with passion and enthusiasm, keen to give structured feedback, encourage and motivate individuals to try new concepts, stretch themselves and return to work for greater success.

Tell Show Do Training Style

Post-training & continuous improvement


Personal Action Plans

At the end of every workshop, delegates complete Personal Action Plans committing to what they are going to focus on to improve or do differently, detailing who within the organisation could provide support to enable them to achieve this. Managers are encouraged to follow-up with individuals and link into internal Coaching Sessions and Performance Reviews to encourage long-term changes in behaviour, culture and results.


Delegate Feedback

Delegates complete feedback forms at the end of each workshop which are collated into a synopsis report and shared with clients to link to internal feedback on the training and ensure follow up and support where appropriate.



Marcus Bohn Associates can provide Coaching or Management workshops to develop these skills or one-to-one Coaching with delegates to encourage greater analysis of the long-term benefits and outputs from training to ensure a greater return on investment by linking to Kirkpatrick’s Training Evaluation Model.

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