Finance for Sales

Business & Communication Skills

1 day in-company workshop

Understanding your business’ finance. Learn how a business makes money and the fundamentals of finance

Course Content

  • What success means to your business
  • The fundamental business model and how a business is funded and makes money
  • Understanding Return on Capital Employed (ROCE) and how it can be cascaded into margin and capital (asset) efficiency
  • Drivers of margin – understanding what drives margin, including how costs behave with volume and the relationship between cost, volume and profit
  • What drives Capital (Asset) Efficiency – focusing on working capital efficiency including Stock (stock days, stock write off and cost of carrying stock), receivables, (credit terms, discounts and invoice error) and payables (supplier management)
  • Understand what happens when the sales team reduces cost, delivery times or payment terms and the impact to the business
  • Delegates consider areas for the business that could be improved given the delegates enhanced knowledge of finance to enable better commercial decisions to be made

Course Overview

This practical one day workshop for Sales Teams or individuals in a non-finance role who influence customers and secure orders or business for your company develops delegates understanding of how a business works and how their daily decisions can impact the success of the business from both a positive and negative perspective.

It provides a practical guide to understanding which figures and numbers relate to which terms and how even with a basic understanding they can make more commercially focused decisions in how they sell or influence customers to buy your products. It also enables the sales team to understand how important it is to forecast effectively and ask clients more specific questions relating to their business needs.

Exercises are used throughout to enable delegates to practice their new skills.


“Trainer informative, knowledgeable, able to relate course content from previous experience and invaluable to get an insight into the F.D.’s thinking. Excellent, thank you!”

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