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An Online Training Workshop that provides Sales people with the skills to confidently secure and facilitate appointments and sell in a virtual world

Virtual 4-hour In-Company Workshop

Course Content

  • Introduction to Selling Virtually
    • What is the ‘New Normal’ Business / Sales Environment?
    • What are the Differences When Selling Virtually Rather Than Face-to-Face?
    • Planning, Preparation and Practice – The 3 ‘P’s’ of Successful Virtual Appointments and Meetings
    • Structuring a Virtual Sales Meeting, Especially with New Customers
    • Using Microsoft Teams (Skype) and Virtual Meetings to Your Advantage – Tips and Techniques

  • Assertiveness – The Key to Securing Appointments and Facilitating Meetings Virtually
    • Defining Assertive, Aggressive and Passive Behaviours
    • Positive Assertive Words, Phrases, and ‘TED’ Questions
    • Two-Way Confident Directive Communications – Avoiding a One-Way Speech!
    • First Impressions – These Are Even More Important
    • ‘People Still Buy People’ – Building Relationships and Rapport is Still Key
    • Active Listening NOT Hearing
    • Perfecting Your Virtual Body Language and Voice Tone
    • Understanding the Differing Customer Personally Types and Adapting Your Approach, Behaviour and Communications Style

  • Handling ‘Gatekeepers’ and Customer Objections
    • Techniques to Overcome ‘Gatekeepers’ Confidently
    • Why Customers Do Not Always Agree to an Appointment and Overcoming It
    • Planning for and Handling Objections Effectively Including Selling the Benefits of an Appointment and Just Asking for One!
    • How to Follow-up the Virtual Meeting – Concluding the Sale

Course Overview

This practical workshop provides sales teams with proven techniques and approaches to develop them in their key selling roles. Confidently securing and facilitating appointments in the ‘new normal’ world will certainly require changes for them, now is the time to start developing people to gain appointments and build relationships successfully in this new virtual world.

Most sales teams are certainly not strangers to phone or online meetings, but for the short-term at least, that is mostly all they can do.  It seems then that there are two choices, lose sales opportunities until the sales teams can get back to the face-to-face site visits, meetings, demonstrations, and discussions that they are accustomed to, or make the transition to securing and facilitating appointments virtually.

Even when business returns to something like pre Covid19 levels, it is forecast that up to 40% of sales transactions will in future be virtual.  This virtual workshop will give sales teams the skills, knowledge, and confidence to make this transition and thrive in this ‘new normal’ sales environment.

The workshop will be both practical and interactive in content and style and tailored to your business, culture, and objectives.

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