Negotiation Skills

How to negotiate the best outcomes so that all parties are happy they’ve got the best deal

1 or 2 day in-company workshop

If you are considering virtual training please contact us to discuss options

Course Content

  • The difference between selling and negotiation
  • How to establish the concept of Win-Win
  • The fundamentals of negotiation
  • Communication Skills
  • Framework for a negotiation
  • Planning, Strategy, BATNA
  • Climate for the negotiation
  • Closing the negotiation

Course Overview

This one or two-day workshop is ideal for experienced Sales Professionals wishing to improve their negotiation skills for sales, Sales Managers striving to ‘lead from the front’ and delegates who have attended the ‘Principles and Practices of Selling‘ workshop.

In today’s business environment, the importance of negotiating sound commercial business agreements for both you and your clients has never been more crucial. Intense competitive pressures combined with the need to meet your Company’s business objectives often means we concede too much too soon.

Many salespeople identify with their customers problems, rather than those of the company that employs them. So when a customer says ‘your prices are too high’ the reaction of most salespeople is to think about reducing prices, rather than defending the company pricing structure.

This Negotiation Skills course will equip you with the skills to persuade your customer to believe they have reached your bottom line when in fact they haven’t. It will help you to consider alternative negotiable variables that you would never have previously considered. You will also have the opportunity to tackle classic buyers tactics and counter measures in a practical environment.

This programme gives a core structure of how to negotiate from planning, strategy, dealing with professional buyers, implementation, to achieving win-win situations. Role-plays and exercises are used throughout to enable delegates to practice their new skills.

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