Use strategy, influence and communication to sell to, grow and retain your accounts

1 or 2 day in-company workshop

If you are considering virtual training please contact us to discuss options

Course Content

  • Define your role as an Account Manager
  • Identify, select and prioritise key accounts
  • Analyse the competition
  • Set Account objectives and strategy
  • Analyse the decision making process
  • Develop an Account Plan/Strategy
  • Identify cross or up-selling opportunities
  • Add Value
  • Adapt your style
  • ‘Partner’ decision makers to make more effective sales long-term

Course Overview

The effective and professional management of your accounts is critical to your success and that of your company. Managing your accounts and maximising their potential requires a different set of skills to selling.

The world of buying and selling is evolving rapidly and many suppliers may have been slow to recognise what is happening with their customers. The trend is to select fewer preferred suppliers and to build open, collaborative, strategic alliances with them. This trend can mean growth and prosperity for those suppliers who can respond appropriately. Investing resources in strategic alliances with carefully chosen Accounts is a practical route to achieving corporate objectives in terms of growth and profitability.

Designed for Salespeople who are required to plan and execute complex account sales and anyone with responsibility for managing accounts, this workshop aims to help you identify the strategies to successfully manage each of your accounts and maximise their value to your organisation. You will look at the role and day-to-day tasks of highly effective account managers, examine proven practice in the development of an account and learn how to develop long-term and profitable relationships.

Role-plays and exercises are used throughout to enable delegates to practice their new skills.

“I have thoroughly enjoyed the course and found it very relevant to my job role. Angie was very knowledgeable and kept us interested and made the training fun.” 

“I found the subject interesting and the trainers excellent. I can’t remember the last time I got so much out of a course as I have this one.”

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