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‘The Physiology of Performing at Your Best’ – simple and effective ways to optimise physiological state, increase energy levels, reduce the impact of fatigue on stress and enhance performance

1 day in-company workshop

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Course Content

  • Understanding the physiology of sustainable high performance; examples, research and case studies
    • Decision fatigue, the embodied brain, and the importance of rest and glucose
    • Physical fatigue, decision making and performance
    • Stress, performance and well-being
  • Measuring and monitoring your physiological state – developing physiological awareness
    • ‘Tracking Juice’ – moving from subjective self-assessment, to wearables and beyond
    • Physiological analytics and HRV measurement – accessing objective data for useable insights
  • Getting the stress-recovery balance right, and optimising your physiology for sustainable high performance
    • Balancing stress and recovery, the magic of ‘supercompensation’, the 30% rule, increasing resilience, and sustaining performance
    • Practical strategies for effective physiological stress management – recognise, reduce, reframe/relate, regulate, recover, resilience
    • Practical strategies for effective recovery, and switching off – how to sleep well, tactical and strategic recovery, active and passive recovery strategies
  • High Performance Lifestyle
    • Developing effective practices for optimising your physiology for sustainable high-performance

Course Overview

In any given moment, how well a person performs, is being influenced not only by the level of their craft, and by their psychology, but also by what is going on in their body – their physiology.  Levels of fatigue and/or stress will impact how well they can perform both in the moment, and also how sustainable their performance is over time.

Having a strong physiology facilitates high-performance, provides a robust buffer to the increasing demands and stresses being placed on people, and is fundamental to physical well-being and sustainable high-performance. There are many simple, and effective ways to optimise and train a person’s physiological state, increase their energy levels, reduce the impact of fatigue and stress, and enhance performance.

In this session a range of practical, and evidence-based strategies and approaches, will be taught, drawing on the latest research in human performance, physiology and neuroscience.

Role-plays and exercises are used throughout to enable delegates to practice their new skills.

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