Increase your levels of resilience, identify and manage stress in your team to improve performance

2 day in-company workshop

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Course Content

  • Recognise the value of increasing resilience levels
  • Understand the effects of pressure, stress and fatigue on the brain and body and the impact it has on performance
  • Develop and increase the level of resilience through the use of a variety of practical strategies and techniques that will enhance work effectiveness
  • Produce an individual action plan to assist in applying new knowledge and learning into the workplace
  • Identify and manage sources of stress more effectively
  • Use specific strategies that will increase resilience levels, enabling more effective performance under pressure, and ‘bounce back’ from setbacks
  • Understand the potential impact of feelings of pressure and stress upon others
  • Recognise the signs and symptoms of pressure, stress and fatigue in team members
  • Develop specific approaches for helping to develop resilience levels of people within the team

Course Overview

In order to achieve high performance with the accelerating change of the twenty-first century, and the increasing demands and challenges of the modern work-place you and your team need resilience. This two-day workshop is designed to give managers the knowledge, tools and techniques to help them to increase their own levels of resilience that will enable them to rise to the challenges they face in a changing and complex environment, to perform more effectively under pressure and to ‘bounce back’ from setbacks.

The workshop will help them to be able to identify and recognise the signs, and impact of stress on their teams, and also provide some tools for helping them to manage it.

Based on stress physiology, neuroscience, positive psychology and performance psychology principles, this workshop combines key theory with a strong focus on practical tools, techniques and applications.

Role-plays and exercises are used throughout to enable delegates to practice their new skills.

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