How to Develop Psychological/Mental Flexibility/Fitness for High Performance

1 day in-company workshop

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Achieve and sustain high performance

Course Content

  • The challenges and demands of high performance, and why mindset/psychology matters
  • Developing ‘Psychological Flexibility’ – a framework for mental and emotional agility for high performance
  • Performing with poise and perseverance – the reality of high-performance actions in challenging conditions
  • Strengthening commitment, taking high-value actions, and building high-performance habits
  • Building openness to discomfort, managing difficult thoughts and emotions, and shifting from being reactive to responsive
  • Training attention, focus and presence and enhancing situational awareness
  • Developing your own performance – reflections, insights and actions

Course Overview

The modern working environment has become one that, for many, requires them to navigate increasing demands, changes, challenges complexity and ambiguity, leading to higher levels of pressure, stress and fatigue and ultimately difficulty in performing at their best. People are trying to survive the day.

This session draws on research and practice from elite performance, psychology and behavioural science to give delegates key mindset approaches and mental skills, enabling them to increase their level of ‘psychological flexibility’, and providing them with a way of performing more effectively, even under challenging and difficult conditions. To thrive, rather than just survive.

Role-plays and exercises are used throughout to enable delegates to practice their new skills.

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