A workshop exploring the human psychological response to uncertainty and crisis situations and finding the mental strength and resilience to stay sane

Virtual 90-minute in-company workshop

Course Content

  • Working at home or in a hybrid approach
  • Our brain’s response to unpredictability
  • Strategies to feel more confident when dealing with uncertainty
  • How to deal what is under your control and letting go of what isn’t
  • Mindfulness meditation and coping techniques
  • Stress and anxiety management
  • Self-awareness and uncovering wellbeing needs
  • Self-care practices

Course Overview

After having to make dramatic and rapid adjustments to our daily lives in response to the pandemic, a new approach of home or hybrid working has required us to find the mental strength and resilience to stay safe and sane in what has become our new normal.

This workshop will explore the human psychological response to uncertainty that this brings and our own personal relationship to it, or a new approach to work.  Covering how to manage symptoms of anxiety, stress and depression and how to adjust your mindset to face the unknown with more confidenceIdentify ways to practice self-care in order to support emotional, physical and mental wellbeing.

The workshop will be both practical and interactive in content and style and tailored to your business, culture and objectives.

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