An interactive workshop highlighting the business case, not just ethical, for creating an inclusive workforce and broadening understanding of diversity

Virtual 4-hour in-company workshop

Course Content

  • Describe the difference between diversity and inclusion and how creating an inclusive environment drives business success
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the nature of unconscious bias and the role it plays in inclusion
  • Explain the science of bias and the potential impact it has affecting decision making in activities such as recruitment, people development, performance management, leadership and marketing
  • Recognise their own biases and use practical tools and techniques to help reduce and challenge them in themselves and others
  • Produce an action plan to raise awareness and manage unconscious bias in the workplace

Course Overview

This thought-provoking interactive workshop highlights the business, not just ethical case for creating an inclusive workforce and broadens our understanding of diversity to look beyond the usual visible dimensions to include all aspects of difference – be it of thinking, skillsets, backgrounds, experiences, personalities or perspectives. In short, anything and everything that makes us individual and unique.

The latest research from McKinsey consultancy published in May 2020 reaffirms that the business case for gender, ethnic and cultural diversity in corporate leadership is stronger now than ever. Encompassing 15 countries and more than 1,000 large companies, its findings show that companies in the top quartile for ethnic and gender diversity are more likely to have financial returns higher than their national industry medians by 36% and 25% respectively.

The session will help delegates raise awareness of how all of us have biases and how these may be acting as a barrier to create a diverse and inclusive workplace.

Using self-discovery, group discussions, storytelling and fun experiential activities, we will lift the lid on the conscious and unconscious biases we all have as human beings and gain knowledge, practical tools and techniques to challenge them in ourselves and reduce their impact.

The workshop will be both practical and interactive in content and style and tailored to your business, culture, and objectives.

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