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Develop the way delegates manage telephone calls to present a professional ‘one face to the customer’ and ‘customer first attitude’

1 day in-company workshop

Classroom or Virtual Training

Course Content

  • Recognise the value of professional customer service to themselves, their team and their company
  • Understand and manage customers more effectively
  • Understand the importance of their role in promoting the success and growth of the business
  • Have developed key communication skills which will assist them in dealing with a broad range of customers both internally and externally
  • Handle potentially difficult situations with greater assertiveness and confidence to ensure successful outcomes
  • Understand what ownership means to their jobs and better appreciate how, by taking ownership; they can benefit the customer, the business and themselves

Course Overview

This Customer Service course is designed for anyone in a customer facing role, whether new to the role or wishing to enhance existing skills. It will help to develop the way delegates manage telephone calls to present a professional ‘one face to the customer’ and a ‘customer first attitude‘.

The course will explicitly link giving great customer service to the achievement of your business objectives and goals. It will build delegate’s knowledge and improve skills to enable them to fully develop into company ambassadors and enable them to move from giving ‘good’ customer service to ‘great’ customer service.

The aim of the course is to ensure that delegates acquire and develop the necessary skills, knowledge, techniques and motivations to provide professional, consistent and great customer service to their customers.

Role-plays and exercises are used throughout to enable delegates to practice their new skills.

“The workshop really enabled me to appreciate great customer service and was full of lots of useful information, which I can use daily to improve my customer interaction.”

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