Better time management leads to improved productivity and greater job satisfaction – learn practical steps to utilise time more effectively

1 day in-company workshop

Classroom or Virtual Training

Course Content

  • Review and analyse use of time and allocate key time to the priority areas of their responsibility
  • Plan ahead more effectively
  • Identify ‘consumers of time’ for and plan to overcome them
  • Control interruptions and deal more effectively with the unexpected
  • Understand more about your own personal style, the way in which you prefer to work and the impact this may have on others
  • Understand more about coping with pressure at work
  • Use ‘time saving’ techniques in day to day activities and develop a personal action plan to manage time more productively

Course Overview

Time is a precious resource which is easy to misuse and a development area for Managers that shouldn’t be underestimated. Better Time Management leads to improved productivity and greater job satisfaction. This workshop covers straightforward and practical steps to utilise time more effectively.

How much of your day do ‘time stealers’ use up? This Time Management Skills workshop shows delegates how to review how they use their time and identify major time management problems. They will then be shown techniques and methods for addressing problem areas, learn how to set priorities and plan their day/workload, use ‘To Do’ lists and be given a better understanding of pressure vs. stress.

Role-plays and exercises are used throughout to enable delegates to practice their new skills.

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