Are Your Service Engineers Effective Ambassadors For Your Company?

Are Your Service Engineers Effective Ambassadors For Your Company?

28 June 2022 Marcus Bohn Associates

Your Field Service Engineers and Service Team are an incredibly valuable and often underestimated asset to your business. As customer facing members of the Company, they are trusted by your clients and customers and an invaluable source of feedback, current and future changes within your clients and also opportunities. As such, it is essential that they have first class customer service and interpersonal skills to ensure that they keep your customers happy and wanting to continue working with you rather than your competitors.

It is also important that they understand their role in promoting the success and growth of the business by:

  • Enhancing the company’s reputation with good customer service and follow-up
  • Developing a good relationship and customer loyalty by understanding different behaviour styles and key communication skills
  • Being able to handle difficult and challenging situations to ensure successful outcomes
  • Being able to identify further sales or business opportunities and communicate these with the sales team or appropriate colleagues


“The salesperson will sell the first machine but it is the service engineer who will sell (or prevent the sale of) the second!”


Investing in training your service engineers can increase business revenue by maintaining and improving customer relationships. Incentivising them to look for on-site opportunities to help the customer keep up to date with their equipment, improve efficiency, environmental conditions and operator effectiveness will also increase sales.

Our Service Engineer as a Company Ambassador workshop is designed to inspire Service Engineers or Service Teams to fully realise the importance of their contribution to the business. It will give them a stronger sense of purpose and encourage them to see themselves, directly and indirectly, as key players in the business success of your Company. It will further develop their customer service and interpersonal skills and develop their potential as key company ambassadors for the business.

The workshop covers:

  • The Developing Role of The Modern Service Engineer
  • Contributing to Greater Company Success Through Even Greater Customer Service
  • The Four Behavioural Styles
  • Assertiveness & Communication Skills
  • Team Working & Key Time Management Skills
  • Developing a SMART Action Plan

See here to find out more about the Service Engineer as a Company Ambassador workshop

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