Presenting Virtually with Impact

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Virtual 2 x 4-hour In-Company Workshop

Transform your presentation skills, adding greater control and confidence, turn average presentations into outstanding and memorable events


Learning Outcomes

By the end of the workshop delegates will be able to:

  • Research, prepare and develop a virtual business presentation.
  • Deliver credible and memorable virtual presentations.
  • Handle the audience with confidence.
  • Use visual aids and PowerPoint appropriately.
  • Understand the impact of body language and use it more effectively to support clear communication.
  • Have recapped the key communication skills of a professional voice tone, rapport, using open questions and listening.
  • Identify their own presentation strengths and areas for development.
  • Have produced an individual action plan to assist them in applying the new knowledge and learning back into the workplace.

Course Content

  • Individual Introductions
    • Delegates Introduce/Present Themselves
    • Analysis and Feedback on the Introductions
  • Planning and Preparing for a Virtual Presentation
    • What are the Differences When Presenting Virtually?
    • Best Practices Rules for Virtual Presentations and Meetings
    • What 3 ‘P’s’ Need to Take Place Before a Virtual Meeting?
    • Researching and Selecting Material – ‘Less is More’
    • Structuring the Presentation – First Impressions, ‘People Buy People First’ and ‘Hooking’
    • PowerPoint and Other Visual Aids
  • Presentation and Communication Skills
    • Barriers to Effective Communication
    • What’s the Objective?
    • Perfecting Your Body Language and Voice Tone in a Virtual Environment
    • Correct Use of Web Cam, Microphone and Posture
    • Voice Management – Volume, Pace and Tone – ‘KISS’
    • Non-verbal Communication – Assertive Body Language
    • Understanding Your Audience – Adapting Your Presentation – WIIFT
  • Individual Presentation 2
    • Delegates to Prepare and Deliver Second Presentation
    • Analysis and Feedback of the Presentations
  • Presence and Impact
    • Controlling Participation
    • Handling Questions
    • Closing the Presentation and Following up a Virtual Presentation
  • Personal Action Plans
    • Delegates Present Their Personal Action Plans

Course Overview

This two-day virtual workshop will help transform presentation skills, adding greater control and confidence. Delegates will plan, prepare, practice, and deliver two presentations and will be given feedback on how to enhance their approach and delivery. They will gain increased confidence to improve delivery and this will help turn average presentations into outstanding and memorable events.

For many, presenting virtually is outside of their comfort zone. With the choice of either grabbing the opportunities or losing business to the competition or, if internal presentations, not sharing key information, updates or communicating with teams, now is the time to build confidence and skills for presenting virtually.

This hands-on course gives delegates the opportunity to work with an experienced trainer, coach and presenter and is ideal for all employees who are required to speak in front of others and wish to project a professional image and develop their skills and confidence.

The workshop will be delivered over two sessions giving time in between to practice key points and put the workshop into practice.

The workshop will be both practical and interactive in content and style and tailored to your business, culture, and objectives.

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