Motivation & Peak Performance

Performance Management Training Courses

1 day in-company workshop

Understand the importance of achieving peak performance and performing to your potential


Course Content

  • What is Peak Performance?
  • What are the differences that makes the difference in performance? – The Performance Factors Pyramid
  • The Inner Game
  • The Success Cycle
  • Ideal Performance States – Creating and Maintaining
  • Performing to Potential – Tuning In and Avoiding Distractions
  • Stress and Performing Under Pressure
  • The Importance of Values and Behaviours To Performance
  • Managing Energy For Peak Performance

Course Overview

The workplace today is a demanding arena; intense pressure, tough competition, small margins of error and high costs of failure. It’s an arena that rewards high level performance. Understanding how to maximise your own motivation and performance levels is key to undertaking your role whether it be sales, management or other, especially in tough markets. This programme will help delegates to understand the importance of achieving peak performance, how to create and sustain it, and how to overcome the mental and physical obstacles that prevent it.

This one-day workshop will help delegates to be more able to perform to their potential. It draws on extensive research into peak performance and human potential, and provides practical proven strategies and techniques from sports and performance psychology, NLP, and stress management training.

This workshop develops an understanding of key motivation and performance principles through practical easy to use strategies and experiential activities. It can be provided for delivery to all teams/groups within an organisation, including managers at all levels, sales staff, customer service, marketing and advertising, traders, and brokers.

Role-plays and exercises are used throughout to enable delegates to practice their new skills.

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