Motiv8 – What is Motivation?

Performance Management Training Courses

1 day in-company workshop

Understand what motivates you and others and how to create motivation


Course Content

  • What is Motivation
  • Individual vs. Team
  • The Motivation Formula
  • The Power of Purpose and Values
  • Motivation Styles
  • Pain and Pleasure – the motivation drivers
  • Motivation Strategies – recognising and using yours
  • Motivation vs. Drive
  • Recognising Barriers to Motivation – procrastination
  • How to Create Motivation
  • Goals, Energy and Motivation
  • Taking Action

Course Overview

This programme will help delegates to understand what motivates them and others and how to use motivation skills to keep them motivated to achieve their goals and take action.

A one-day motivation workshop for everyone, looking at team vs. individual motivation, the motivation formula, the power of purpose and values, motivation styles (identifying yours and recognising others), pain and pleasure the motivation drivers and how to get leverage on these, motivation strategies (mental programmes), motivation v drive, as well as recognising the barriers to motivation and how to overcome them.

The group then considers how to create motivation through a variety of approaches and the power of state and how to utilise positive resourceful states through creating compelling thoughts and goals introducing a powerful goal achievement process and timelines whilst considering physical, mental and emotional energy and motivation and how to anchor motivated states.

Role-plays and exercises are used throughout to enable delegates to practice their new skills.

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