Managing People Workshop

Proven techniques and strategies to maximise personal and team performance and the fundamental skills to be successful within people management

1 or 2 day in-company workshop

Classroom or Virtual Training

Managing People Training Course

Course Content

  • Identify and understand the role and responsibilities of an effective manager
  • Recognise their own management style, the impact it may have on others and the appropriate use of different management styles in different situations.
  • Understand the key skills needed for successful team management and development; i.e. effective communication, feedback and coaching skills
  • Communicate with more confidence, build positive working relationships with team members and understand what motivates people
  • Develop team members through one to one training and coaching techniques and provide constructive feedback on their performance
  • Develop an on-going personal action plan for implementation back within the workplace

Course Overview

The Fundamentals of Management is a practical one-day workshop designed to provide Managers, Directors and Team Leaders with proven techniques and strategies on how to maximise both their own personal performance as a Manager and their team’s performance.

With a clear focus on ‘achieving through people’ this course looks at the complex issues involved and the fundamental skills necessary to be truly successful within a people management arena.

Every delegate will leave with a specific action plan in relation to their own individual/team development and the confidence to really maximise performance.

Role-plays and exercises are used throughout to enable delegates to practice their new skills.

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