change management training course

How to get through a major change in your Company as a leader and manager, keeping staff at all levels motivated by involving the right people and communicating the changes appropriately

1 or 2 day in-company workshop

Classroom or Virtual Training

Course Content

  • Why organisations need to change – understanding the vision
  • How to implement the change successfully
  • To understand the Stages of Change
  • Change Tools
  • Why change can be difficult to implement
  • What could get in the way of success
  • Why people react differently to change – how to manage people through the stress of change
  • Who is involved
  • The right ways of communicating change
  • Why everyone’s involvement is key and ensuring they feel that way
  • Reviewing and monitoring change

Course Overview

New strategies, management initiatives and various external factors can force us to need to change the way we work. This can lead to confusion and indignation in staff as change is often frowned upon or feared as it is outside of our own control.

This Change Management course shows how change can be embraced as a positive force, which can lead your company into new, challenging, and profitable territories and describes how by utilising managerial clarity and support, change can be used as a positive and powerful tool to reshape your company.

This course can be run at all levels throughout the organisation and is designed for anyone implementing or affected by change within their Company.

Role-plays and exercises are used throughout to enable delegates to practice their new skills.

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