Running Effective Meetings

Business & Communication Skills

1 day in-company workshop

How to effectively plan and run a meeting, generate new ideas and create team spirit in all your meetings


Course Content

  • Effectively plan content, timing and structure
  • Approach meetings creatively
  • Use meetings to help achieve departmental objectives and save time
  • Lead and stimulate productive discussion, interest and participation
  • Deal with difficult people or situations
  • Set clear follow-up criteria
  • Carry out Effective Brainstorming

Course Overview

A meeting provides a unique opportunity to generate new ideas and create team spirit. It should also be a vehicle for gaining a group’s commitment to improving performance, developing potential managers and using the experience of successful people to inspire and train others.

The Running Effective Meetings programme looks at planning ahead of the meeting and communication, the role of the chair, time management, keeping the meeting on track, encouraging input from everyone, reaching agreement and follow up. It considers how to do this in an appropriate, motivational and professional way.

Role-plays and exercises are used throughout to enable delegates to practice their new skills.

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