Managing Stress in the Workplace

Business & Communication Skills

1 day in-company workshop

Managing pressure at work has become an issue for us all, discover how to understand and cope with stress


Course Content

  • Understand what is meant by pressure and stress
  • Identify your own sources of pressure and the warning signals of excess pressure
  • Understand and be able to use effective and easy to understand techniques to deal with pressure day-to-day
  • Recognise and manage more effectively colleagues who may be experiencing an excess of pressure
  • Develop a checklist of actions that will enable you to manage pressure successfully

Course Overview

Managing pressure at work has become an issue for us all. Our working environment is now faster and more competitive than ever and pressure comes from both tasks and relationships. We all need pressure in order to perform well, but an excess of pressure for a long period will lead to stress and all the issues associated with stress. Stress results in the loss of 40 million working days each year and is now challenging backache as the most common ailment affecting people and working under stress at work is becoming increasingly common, with some working environments expecting certain levels of stress in their employees.

Many companies put their effort into helping employees manage their stress rather than dealing with the cause. This in-depth one-day Stress Management workshop is designed to help delegates understand and cope with stressful situations and manage pressure at work for themselves and their team members.

Stress can be seen from two angles – what causes stress and how an individual responds to it. Everyone needs a certain amount of stress as a stimulant in everyday life. When this becomes excessive, an individual can suffer overload, leading to physical problems including tiredness, illness and burnout. The problem is that what is excessive stress for one individual is no more than an exciting and stimulating challenge to another. Being aware of this difference does not help you decide how best to manage your workforce but understanding the pressures in your company and knowing your employees as individuals will.

The resulting effects of undue stress in the workplace are a fall in productivity and an increase in the amount of time lost to sickness. Relationships between a manager, staff and teams will also suffer as people become irritable and inefficient. Relationships with customers can also suffer. The standard of work may deteriorate and mistakes and accidents increase.


“Thought it was fabulous, after having suffered stress in the past this course made a lot of sense to me, and good information/tips to control or eliminate it.”

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