Associate Trainer Opportunities

Marcus Bohn Trainers

We are not actively looking for new trainers to join our Associate Team at the moment, however if you would like to send us your CV we are happy to keep your details on file for future reference.

Our Associate recruitment criteria is as follows:

  • For Associates to be specialists in their chosen field having gained commercial career experience through doing the jobs themselves before becoming training specialists (for example in Sales or Marketing).
  • For a trainer to be self-employed, running their own training business and providing training to personal clients for over one year.
  • For the trainer to undertake at least 50 days on their feet training (not consultancy) in the last year (not with the last company they were employed by).
  • For a member of the Marcus Bohn team to attend/observe a training session that the trainer is running for one of their clients to see them on their feet. This will enable us to see whether your training style would complement the range, style and type of work we do with our clients.
Potential associates must be able to meet ALL of the above criteria. 
If you meet the above criteria, please send your CV and details of your training experience and subject areas to addressed to Carey Haigh with ‘Associate Trainer Enquiry’ in the subject line and we will contact you.
For further information see: Our Approach to In-Company Training