About Marcus Bohn

Marcus Bohn Associates Training & Development

About Marcus Bohn Associates

Marcus Bohn are Sales and Management Training Specialists, providing a wide range of In-Company training programmes that are designed and tailored to meet your Company’s specific training requirements.

Marcus Bohn’s mission is to provide a wide range of high quality, high calibre training solutions to improve the performance of your business by developing and inspiring your people to realise their potential.

Originally established in 1976 by Barry Marcus and John Bohn, having over 40 years of experience and constructive client feedback has enabled us to evolve and develop, just like our programmes.

Enthusiasm – Motivation – Understanding – Interaction

These are the cornerstones that mark the Marcus Bohn way of training.

Training Style:

New skills and motivating messages are delivered in a fun, dynamic environment. This makes knowledge retention infinitely better and is one of the reasons that our success in developing new skills, approach and attitude in your people leads to greater returns and success for your business.

Tell Show Do Training Style

All our training courses are structured around a highly interactive and totally involving training style. Our trainers approach the task with empathy, drive and determination – delegates are actively involved and training content is relayed through participation, role-plays and exercises. Delegates get on their feet to make decisions and broaden their own experience, often through thinking in different ways. Open feedback and healthy challenge is encouraged.

We all learn differently – Marcus Bohn’s training is designed to be delivered in layers of leading-edge theory, exercises, case studies and feedback threaded together to build on each other throughout the workshop, supported by stories and real-life examples of business challenges and latest best practice. This is proven to be the fastest and most efficient way to learn and retain new skills.

Our workshops are challengingfun and highly interactive, enabling delegates the chance to practice, evaluate and receive feedback. Our trainers deliver with passion and enthusiasm, keen to encourage and motivate individuals to try new concepts, stretch themselves and return to work for greater success.

Marcus Bohn courses are memorable and motivationalpractical and powerfulintense but fun and much more besides. On completing a Marcus Bohn training course, delegates will leave feeling positive and motivated.

“Tell me and I will forget,
teach me and I may remember,
involve me and I will¬†learn.”

Benjamin Franklin