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Further Support Following Training - Reinforce Your Training

Perhaps the most important and yet most neglected aspect of the training process is what happens after the training programme. How to ensure that skills learned in the training room are effectively transferred to the workplace? How can you ensure that you as a business receive an adequate Return On Investment?

If businesses are to achieve a return on training investment and ensure that all the time, money and effort spent on the training hasn't been wasted, two conditions must be met:

  • There must be measurement, recognition and reward of behaviour change and improvement in performance
  • Managers of those trained must have the skills required to coach their employees in the use of skills acquired in the training room

Marcus Bohn can aid this process through:

  • Working with clients to understand existing measurements of evaluation or KPI's used in the business and how this can be linked or added to, to evaluate internally the change in behaviour following training.
  • Work with clients to suggest/agree potential business improvement projects or working groups that can be set up following the training, which then measure the value and results of changes implemented.
  • Clients undertake employee engagement surveys to capture improved employee engagement, or attrition and attraction rates.
  • We can also carry out Refresher or Application Sessions to review learning take-up and experiences - A follow-up day or half-day 3-6 months after the training to see how the new skills have been put into practice back in the workplace, share experiences and remind everyone of the key skills and approach.
  • On the Job Coaching - The trainer can spend time with the employess back in the workplace to help them put their new skills into practice and review challenges they may have faced.
  • Consultancy - The trainer can spend time with Managers to help them coach their employees and ensure they use their new skills and prevent them from returning to their old ways.




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