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This list of modules gives you an overview of our key areas of specialism.


Each section may be run as an individual programme or one of a number of topics chosen to be linked together as a bespoke programme to meet your specific training objectives.


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Facilitation Skills
Designed for Managers and Supervisors who want/need to develop more effective leadership skills to obtain the most and best out of individuals in challenging situations. This programme looks at how to stimulate group discussions, interactions and the confidence to effectively handle those who are domina ting or steering the group's development.

Field Based Selling
This programme clears away the myths of selling and shows delegates how a structured approach to each call can bring success more often. It covers each stage of the selling process in a logical sequence moving through each technique at a pace to suit the audience. The programme does not just talk about the generalities of selling; the programme director is skilled in helping each delegate devise words and phrases to suit their business, develop new clients, build long term relationship, make more calls and be more motivated and effective.

Field Sales Management - see further details
This programme will help the Managers of Field Sales teams to: understand the difference between Management and Leadership, the importance of balancing Team, Task and Individual, develop more effective communication skills, understand and appreciate their own and others Management Styles. Delegates will also learn how to plan, structure and deliver a coaching session, recognise and utilise different ways of Managing Individuals, plan how to develop their team, know how to monitor and develop performance and motivation, feel confident in approaching performance problems and manage their time more effectively.

Field Service Management - see further details
Quality customer service is a vital way in which to differentiate our business, to add value and to protect our margins and our customer base. This practical and stimulating programme is designed specifically to help service managers identify those areas where they can enhance customer service, develop their teams and build customer loyalty. Topics include Teamwork, Customer Focus, Recruiting, Managing Performance and Managing Ourselves.

A wide variety of Finance topics can be covered including: the meaning of profit, the meaning of cash, Stock and debtor management, Costs and their impact on product and company profitability. Tendering - different scenarios which may be negotiated within a contract and the financial impacts of those decisions including volume rebates, credit agreements, margin etc, Customer profitability and Financial performance measures. All Finance programmes are recommended to be tailored to your business utilising company terminology, performance measures and reports to aid immediate understanding and relevance for those not in a finance role. Finance training can be run at basic, intermediate and advanced (board) level.

Finance - How to Discuss Finance with Confidence
Increase your confidence and knowledge in speaking and negotiating with Finance Directors through this course designed to understand:
- The financial language used by customers and to clarify the financial terms and accounting conventions used in and by Financial Directors and other key decision makers in everyday business.
- Illustrate and explain the key performance measures used within the business and how behaviour impacts on these measures (ROI, ROCE, Gross Margin)
- Understand the financial methods used in longer-term purchasing decisions including DCF, NPV and lifecycle costing.

Finance For Sales People
Every business is governed by its ability to use people and money to make profits. Salespeople and managers can benefit from a sound knowledge of business finance in two ways:

a. They can show customers how a product or service can improve their profitability.
b. And they can negotiate to improve their own performance in terms of profit as well as volume.

This module covers what a salesperson needs to know or learn in an entertaining way, designed to appeal to those of us who regard finance as a forbidding subject.

Finance For Non-Financial Managers - see further details
A one or two day workshop designed to introduce Managers to the Fundamentals of Finance. Key topics include: understanding and appraising financial statements, key performance indicators and ratios, effective forecasting and business analysis. For maximum benefit it is highly recommended that this course is tailored to your business utilising key financial processes, statements and terminology.

'From Good to Great' Customer Service - see further details
Through understanding your and others behavioural style, communication and assertiveness skills, this programme focuses on how to improve the service you give and make your customers' experience move from 'good to great'.

'From Good to Great' Team Support / The Effective Administrator - see further details
A two-day (or 2 x one-day) workshop designed for team co-ordinators, administrators or receptionists to understand their role more fully and master the key skills of time management, customer communication skills for the internal and external customers, building rapport and trust, effective note taking, professional telephone techniques, assertiveness in dealing with difficult people and situations, basic negotiation skills, coping with pressure and organisational skills.

Fundamentals of Management
A two-day programme designed to provide delegates with proven techniques and strategies on how to maximise both their own personal performance as a manager and their team's performance. With a clear focus on 'achieving through people', this course looks at the complex issues involved and the fundamental skills necessary to be truly successful within a people management arena.

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Gaining More Business Meetings
The objective of this one-day programme is to give people greater confidence, more self-belief and a greater ability to achieve more appointments. It will entail the 3 key elements of communication and how critical it is to differentiate your sellers from all other sellers in the market place, getting through 'Gate Keepers' and techniques that will improve their success in reaching more 'Decision Makers. They will then examine a process that increases the success ratio of calls to appointments significantly and craft opening gambits to suit individual personalities. Delegates will be given an opportunity to practise their new wording on a telephone coaching system and hear when played back how it sounds to be in the Buyer's world. They will also discuss objections typically faced from their clients and practise 2 techniques to again increase their success ratio. In order to manage their time and logistics effectively, we will ensure that questions are positioned to understand the true potential of the client before an appointment is offered. Having gained this information, we will discuss the very best way to close an appointment.

Great Job, Great Life - Planning & Time Management
- Are you still in the office when everyone else has gone home, or in before anyone arrives?
- Does 24 hours feel like, I work, I sleep, I work?
- Is managing your time and workload becoming increasingly stressful?
- My 'Me' time is virtually non-existent

If you have answered 'Yes' to one or more of these questions then attending this programme will turn those answers into 'No' and your work-life balance will resume - It's a promise!

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Handling Difficult People & Situations
Most of us do not like dealing with conflict, or potential conflict, whatever the cause. Even if we do think it is not an issue, whether we handle it constructively is debatable! We often choose to do one of: avoid it, concede to the other party, have a win or else attitude - or leave it simmering. This programme looks how you can approach these situations differently so that you can tackle them in a constructive and positive manner. We explore ways of looking at conflict and difficult situations more objectively. You learn how to choose from a variety of different behavioural and influencing approaches so that you can use the most appropriate for the situation or the individual. The workshop uses many practical activities and it involves a considerable amount of self-learning which will prove useful in many different contexts.

High Performing Teams
A one-day workshop to help delegates to understand what makes a high performing team, to assess and understand where they are currently as a team, and to develop strategies and approaches for moving forward as a high performing team.

How To Wow The Customer Over The Phone
Response and action required by the customer is continually on the increase in this competitive world we live in. Technology has added to this with the use of email and the telephone. But customers want people, not technology and the demand for exceptional service is an everyday requirement. Learn how to enhance your skills to provide exceptional service over the phone that wows your customers and keeps them coming back for more!

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Impactful Presentations
A training workshop designed to give you the skills to make professional presentations to individuals and groups. This workshop is for anyone across the business who has to make presentations. During this workshop, we will cover the skills and concepts needed to make a dynamic presentation. We will discuss the general principles and give you the opportunity to practise making presentations to other members of your group, so that by the end of the workshop you will feel much more confident and at ease the next time you are asked to make a presentation.

Improve Your Influencing Skills
Getting others to do what you want - willingly!
If managers and others are more flexible and effective in their influencing skills, conflict is reduced and so are errors and misunderstandings. To improve our influencing skills we need to recognise that we have to adapt our behaviour and become more flexible in our interactions. In this highly practical workshop delegates will learn more about how they communicate and the impact they have on others. They will increase their awareness of their own style and preferences in the way they operate. Delegates will develop a range of different skills to increase their flexibility when wanting to communicate with and influence others and will learn how to use specific "push" and "pull" influencing approaches and when each is more effective. They will realise the importance of particular words and language if they are to be more effective in influencing others. They will be able to choose and use different approaches to suit different people and situations, both within their work and lives away from work.

Improving Your Problem-Solving & Decision-Making
This highly practical workshop gives delegates a range of tools to help them deal with business problems and challenges more effectively. Individuals will recognise the benefit of assessing problems to identify the root causes before covering a mix of approaches - both logical and creative. They practice a number of techniques within each of these, taking the opportunity to work with real issues from their own organisation. This means delegates can take back workable solutions and begin to apply them immediately. The course looks at several ways of evaluating options and assessing risk and implications so that individuals can make decisions with more confidence - and with the best available commercial outcomes.

Inspirational Leadership & Coaching (NEW)
A training workshop designed to give you the skills to make professional presentations to individuals and groups. This workshop is for anyone across the business who has to make presentations. During this workshop, we will cover the skills and concepts needed to make a dynamic presentation. We will discuss the general principles and give you the opportunity to practise making presentations to other members of your group, so that by the end of the workshop you will feel much more confident and at ease the next time you are asked to make a presentation.

Intelligent Risk Taking - Out Of The Comfort Zone & Towards The Edge
Taking risk, whether financial, emotional, physical or other is a key part of taking your performance to its highest levels. Whenever we are on our edges - the edge of our capabilities, the edge of our knowledge, the edge of our confidence - we are in a place of potential growth and pushing our performance potential higher. However being on these edges is not an easy place to be. When we choose to look for those edges, to take ourselves there and to stay on them, then we are truly pushing the boundaries of our individual, team and leadership performance. This one-day workshop helps you to understand how you can take intelligent risk to move to your edges - to maximise your performance potential.

Internal Customer
How often do we stop and think about our colleagues, what their job entails, how we interact with them and what we could do to make their lives easier? People within our company are our 'internal' customers and it is essential that we communicate and cooperate with them more efficiently if we are to serve our 'external' customers effectively and provide a first class service to them. This course focuses on effective communication and how we can adapt our approach to suit different customer types, influencing tactics to build rapport, commitment and trust, dealing with difficult people, handling resistance and complaints, diffusing difficult situations and gaining commitment.

Interpersonal Effectiveness for Managers
This two-day workshop looks to identify your personal behavioural style and understand its effect on the performance of yourself, your team and colleagues whilst recognising the human dynamics at work within your team. It enables individuals to contribute in a more productive manner as a Manager or Team Leader and adopt an appropriate style of interpersonal behaviour for the variety of interactions they complete during a working day. As a result, the learning on the workshop enhances the performance and motivation of your team and individual team members and enables you to deal with difficult people and conflict whilst maintaining effective working relationships.

Interpersonal Skills For Business Success - see further details
Effective 'people' skills are crucial in all successful businesses. This workshop for managers will coach participants to become more effective in their interactions with people at all levels - their boss, their colleagues, team members and others. The emphasis will be on one-to-one relationships, but teamwork and ability to influence groups will also be included.

Interviewing & Staff Selection
Staff selection is one of the most important functions of a manager. This module provides an up-to-date framework for selecting good people and avoiding costly recruitment errors. The process begins with a well conceived candidate profile, highlighting the attributes crucial to success. We must then master interviewing techniques and communication skills to determine which candidates possess those qualities. Good interviewers must be free of prejudice. They must employ a wide range of questioning skills and, above all, become masters of the latest techniques of evaluating candidate's responses. This can be a standalone course or part of a wider management programme.

Introduction To Marketing - see further details
Introduction to Marketing provides a powerful framework for all commercial decisions. Key input and agreement on Segmentation, Differentiation and Positioning crucial. How these decisions are then implemented through Product, Promotion, Place and Price put marketing into action.

Introduction To Management
An intensive programme designed to cover the core skills of management including; achieving results through people, leadership, building successful teams, communication skills, coaching, change and personal organisation.

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Key Account Management - see further details
The world of buying and selling is evolving rapidly and many suppliers may have been slow to recognise what is happening with their customers. The trend is to select fewer preferred suppliers and to build open, collaborative, strategic alliances with them. This trend can mean growth and prosperity for those suppliers who can respond appropriately. Investing resources in strategic alliances with carefully chosen Key Accounts is a practical route to achieving corporate objectives in terms of growth and profitability. This programme looks at what is considered a key account in your business and how to develop more long term, strategic and profitable relationships with those clients.

Key Account Penetration
The decision processes of our major customers tend to be complex, and our plans to achieve effective coverage need to be highly professional. This module highlights the need to plan penetration in terms of depth, breadth and speed and introduce a Three Tier Approach to top managers, functional managers and purchasing. Clearly we will need to contact decision influencers as well as decision makers and this involves interacting with decision partners, advocate partners and information partners and building stronger and thus more successful relationships with them.

Key Account Selection
The traditional method of selecting key accounts was 'Pareto's Law', which told us that 80% of our business would be derived from 20% of our customer base. The problem was that it proved to be a self-fulfilling prophecy. As accounts expanded, so did the resources we gave them. As they declined, our efforts diminished accordingly. Companies who realise that the Pareto Curve lacks dynamism are employing methods based on 'The Boston Matrix'. This enables them to evaluate existing accounts by potential as well as historic results and new opportunities by chances of success as well as potential volume and profit. This module forms part of a Key Account or Strategic Account programme.

Key Account Strategies
Having formed general strategies and developed their sales technique, salespeople must be able to design effective strategies for each account or sales opportunity. This requires an understanding of Aims, Objectives, Strategy and Tactics and this module shows how to differentiate between and use these four stages of the strategic process. This module forms part of the Key Account or Strategic Account process.

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Leadership in Management
There are many definitions of management; this module analyses two of them. 'Getting results through the efforts of others' and 'Achieving results through the efficient and economic utilisation of people and resources.' The human relations school emphasises the motivation of others, which means giving them freedom of action. The scientific school emphasises getting results, which may require tight direction, supervision and measurement. This module looks at the difference between leading and managing and how to develop and utilise both of these important skills. This is usually part of a wider management programme and can be run to delegates of all levels of management experience.

Leadership & Managing The Business (1)
An intensive one day module for Managers covering leadership, management by objectives, giving direction, drive for results and understanding employee behaviour. These are supported by relevant role plays and case studies.

Leadership & Managing The Business (2) - The Team
Building on module 1, this intensive one day programme covers how to develop an effective team, managing performance, coaching and business and commercial knowledge (business models, competition and finance).

Leadership & Managing The Business (3) - Organisation & Motivation
Part 3, another intensive one day module covers developing and motivating employees, self organisation, time management, problem solving and creative thinking.

Letter Writing
Every letter or proposal that you write costs your organisation money; it also costs your reader time and effort. To save your organisation's money and your readers temper, make your writing clear and concise. The written word continues to make an impression upon the reader long after face to face contact at a meeting. Your letters and proposals remain a permanent advertisement for you and your company. As writing skills develop, it will take less time to produce excellent results - not more. This programme can be workshop based to develop a successful proposals, reports or letter structure.

Lifting The Sales Performance Of Your Team
Sometimes there isn't a 'one tool fixes the job' approach to improving performance across a team. Different people need different approaches and support. This workshop looks at the difference between coaching and mentoring, utilising linguistic techniques for supporting changes in behaviour and attitudes, the importance of having a flexible approach to a wide range of opportunities for improving performance and assessing the reasons for under performance.

Listening Skills
If salespeople wish to be seen as problem solvers by their customers they must be able to demonstrate that they are good listeners. Listening is an active, not a passive process. To be good listeners, we must master distractions, boredom, prejudices and our egos. It is not enough to try to concentrate. This module shows how to concentrate and be more effective by analysing both the content and the feeling of spoken and unspoken communication. This module can be incorporated into Customer Service, Sales and Management programmes and is usually linked to a Questioning Skills module.

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Managing Change - see further details
New strategies, management initiatives and various external factors can force us to need to change the way we work. This can lead to confusion and indignation in staff as change is often frowned upon or feared. This module shows how change can be embraced as a positive force which can lead your company into new, challenging and profitable territories and describes how by utilising managerial clarity and support, change can be used as a positive and powerful tool to reshape your company.

Managing Difficult & Demanding Customers
A beneficial course for those who experience difficult situations and customers, both over the phone and face-to-face on a regular basis. The trainer covers the skills required to understand what causes customers to be demanding, how to diffuse the situation, how to not take criticism personally, manage the situation effectively linking to understanding different types of customers through Behavioural Analysis and build the confidence to deal with unacceptable behaviour.

Managing Difficult Staff
Most of us do not like dealing with conflict, or potential conflict, whatever the cause. Even if we do think it is not an issue, whether we handle it constructively is debatable! We often choose to do one of: avoid it, concede to the other party, have a win or else attitude - or leave it simmering. This programme looks how you can approach these situations differently so that you can tackle them in a constructive and positive manner. We explore ways of looking at conflict and difficult situations more objectively. You learn how to choose from a variety of different behavioural and influencing approaches so that you can use the most appropriate for the situation or the individual. The workshop uses many practical activities and it involves a considerable amount of self-learning which will prove useful in many different contexts.

Managing External Staff (Distance Management / Working From Home) (NEW)
Technology allows us to work physically independently of our teams. Working remotely allows us to reduce office space and to be geographically closer to our customers. However, we also need to be able to manage performance and achieve the same results. This one-day workshop looks at the natural pitfalls of remote working and helps us to anticipate these issues, whilst capitalising on the flexibility and cost savings enjoyed by both the employee and employer.

Managing Performance
Managing team and individual performance is an often neglected management skill. A solid framework for developing employees is key to ensuring individual and team motivation, communication, retention and results. This module incorporates communication skills, structure of reviews and appraisals, counselling, coaching and managing poor performance.

Managing Pressure at Work - see further details
Increasingly, pressure has become a feature of modern business. Some people thrive under pressure, others respond much less well. This workshop will look at the potential causes of pressure at work and help develop practical ideas of how to avoid unnecessary pressure and survive healthily!

Managing The External Provider (NEW)
Outsourcing business is an increasingly attractive way to reduce cost, risk and headcount. The challenge is to ensure that you are able to also increase performance. This one-day workshop helps us to maximise on the benefits of outsourcing by ensuring that the Service Level Agreements, objectives and communication we introduce dovetail effectively with both your strategic and cultural company vision.

Managing The People Elements Of Projects
Anyone who is responsible for managing projects faces a number of challenges, especially balancing the achieving of the task with leading and managing the project team members and influencing other stakeholders or functions who might be affected. There are plenty of tools and systems to help with the planning, resource allocation etc., but the key element for successful delivery of any project is the contribution of the people in the project team. This can often be the area where many technically competent project managers have difficulty in achieving success. This workshop is intended to address this aspect of the role and to equip the participants with a range of skills and tools to help them. There will be role-plays throughout to develop confidence and learning.

Marketing Academy (NEW)
Highly tailored to individual clients and their business, this is a modular journey for delegates to develop their skills and ability across a number of core Marketing disciplines. Modules are 1-2 days in length and each includes a balance of best practice theory and pragmatic syndicate work based on clients' specific business issues. The modules can include topics such as Fundamentals of Marketing, Customer Insight, Market Understanding, Differentiation, Innovation, Product Development, Tactical Planning, and Measurement. Complementary modules can be added to develop wider enabler skills including Presentation Skills, Financial Acumen and Project Management. The Academy is highly relevant for Marketing staff but can equally be run with delegates across the business to ensure a customer focused approach and to maximise cross-functional working.

Maximising Conversations - Conversations That Stick (NEW)
With less and less time for managers to make an impact, conversations that drive performance, enable others to learn, engage and help others to get more out of their role, are key priorities of organisational and personal development. 'Conversations that Stick' (CTS) is designed to give delegates the tools, techniques and motivation to take greater control and responsibility for the conversations they have and in particular to 'coach' others in ways that are immediately impactful. It is a way of having coaching conversations that build on positive psychology practice, that use language, questioning and feedback in a simple practical way of improving performance, building capabilities and driving positive change through an organisation.

A difference between traditional coaching approaches and CTS is that this approach actively searches for and captures best practice conversationally, so whatever is currently being used that is working is incorporated into the approach. It is designed for conversations of any length, but is very appropriate for short 1-5 minute conversations, of which there are multiple opportunities during a manager's day. It has been designed so that the emphasis is on both making changes stick in the briefest amount of time and on embedding positive change through using powerful feedback. This course will increase your knowledge, understanding and your practical ability to have powerful coaching conversations so that you get more out of your staff and your meetings in both formal and informal settings.

Maximising Performance In Turbulent Times
When times are tough you need tough people. Recent times have meant that many organisations are aiming to achieve more, and sometimes with less people resources. The demands and pressures of work have increased for many people and this has led to a growing importance on people to be able to sustain high performance in adverse and turbulent conditions. This one-day course teaches delegates the fundamentals of how to develop the mental toughness and performance skills required to maximise their performance in these turbulent times.

Maximising Sales Opportunities at Exhibitions
An Exhibition is a wonderful opportunity for a company to present its products or service, not only to existing clients, but to new clients, new contacts, and new markets. This module covers the types of potential customers you may communicate with and how best to modify your individual style to be successful. It also incorporates questioning and listening skills, presentation of products, closing, follow up and a brief overview of the sales structure.

Meeting Management - see further details
A meeting provides a unique opportunity to generate new ideas and create team spirit. It should also be a vehicle for gaining a group's commitment to improving performance, developing potential managers and using the experience of successful people to inspire and train others. This programme looks at the role of the chair, time management, keeping the meeting on track, encouraging input from everyone, reaching agreement and follow up. It considers how to do this in an appropriate, motivational and professional way.

Mental Toughness - Peak Performance Under Pressure
The world of Sales is full of challenges, constant change, deadlines and targets, setbacks and often extreme pressure. What enables some people to work effectively under such conditions, while others struggle to perform so well, is mental toughness. Research shows that adopting a performance mindset can often make the difference between achieving success or not. This workshop outlines a simple and practical model of mental toughness based on proven performance psychology techniques, and will help delegates to develop their own mental toughness plan to enable them to achieve high performance under pressure.

Mindfulness (NEW)
Mindfulness is a way of paying attention in the present moment, to yourself, others and the world around you. Mindfulness training is growing in the corporate world due to its scientific underpinnings and wide range of benefits including reduction in stress, increasing emotional intelligence, higher personal resilience, lower absenteeism, enhanced communication skills, greater attention span, lower impulsivity, improved sleep patterns and general greater levels of well-being. This one-day workshop is highly experiential with extensive mindfulness practise.

Mindfulness In The Workplace (NEW for 2016)
In an very changing and increasingly more demanding workplace and world, being more skilled at working with your mind and mental states helps things to go better for you, your organisation, your colleagues, clients, family and friends; and mindfulness training is one of the most effective ways of developing this ability. Mindfulness is a way of paying attention, in the present moment, to yourself, others and the world around you. It is a skill that anyone can train in and we now know that such training literally re-sculpts your brain. Mindfulness enables you to function better in high performance environments and at all levels in organisations. There have been thousands of studies conducted on various aspects of mindfulness and there are many benefits including enhanced focus and attention, increased self-awareness and awareness of others, raised levels of resilience, increased emotional intelligence, greater cognitive effectiveness, improved decision making, reduced negative thinking and increased immune system function and health and wellbeing. This makes for greater all round effectiveness for you, your team, and the organisation. A highly practical one-day workshop.

Modern Sales Management - see further details
If management means getting results through the efforts of others, then managing a sales force must be one of the most demanding tasks in any organisation. Salespeople get lonely. They are relatively unsupervised and expected to work on their own initiative. They learn mainly by trial and error. And, unless they are relying on repeat business, they fail more often than they succeed. This is not a pessimistic view; we believe it is a realistic one. And solving the unique problems of sales management is the keystone of this challenging programme. Topics covered include; leadership, team building, motivation, coaching, communication, meetings, counselling and performance management.

Motiv8 - see further details
A one day motivation programme for everyone looking at Team vs. Individual motivation, the Motivation formula, the Power of Purpose and Values, Motivation Styles (Identifying yours and recognising others), Pain and Pleasure the Motivation Drivers and how to get leverage on these, Motivation Strategies (Mental Programmes), Motivation v Drive, as well as Recognising the Barriers to Motivation and how to overcome them. The group then considers how to Create Motivation through a variety of approaches and the Power of State and how to utilise positive resourceful states through creating compelling Thoughts and Goals introducing a powerful goal achievement process and timelines whilst considering physical, mental and emotional Energy and Motivation and how to Anchor Motivated States.

Motivating the Sales Team - see further details
All the important functions of management are presented within a central theme. Management is a science and an art. It requires careful analysis, planning and control - the scientific element. It also calls for skilful human relations - the art of motivating, leading and inspiring. The managers who can combine these two elements successfully will raise their teams to their full potential. This programme looks at how to make and keep your team motivated, enthusiastic and willing to make that extra call after a tough day.

Motivation & Peak Performance - see further details
Understanding how to maximise your own motivation and performance levels is key to undertaking your role whether it be sales, management or other, especially in tough markets. This workshop develops an understanding of key motivation and performance principles through practical easy to use strategies and experiential activities.

Multi-level Selling
Reaping the true rewards available from our customers can be curtailed by missing opportunities to promote our company across the full range of decision-makers and influencers amongst our target audience. It is important to be able to identify the key decision-makers at our target accounts and maintain regular contact with them in a sales partnership context. This programme considers the type of sales you are involved in and how best to approach and communicate successfully to a wider audience within your client base.

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